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About Suzie

Suzie was awarded her Introductory Certificate in 1985 and a Junior Intermediate III Iyengar yoga certificate in 1997. As director of Postures in Naples, Florida she promotes the methodology as set forth by the Iyengars and has offered IYNAUS Approved Teacher Training since 2002 and assisted more than 13 students in receiving their Introductory Certification and more than 5 to receive their Intermediate Junior I certificate and 2 to receive their Intermediate Junior II certificates. Since 2001, Suzie has participated as a National Assessor.

In 1993, she spearheaded the formation of the regional association along with Kathleen Pringle and Linda Di Carlo: IYASE.

She served as the National Iyengar Yoga Association Membership Chair for more than four years; chaired and co-chaired the IYNAUS Store at the National conventions in 2001, 2004 and 2016 in Boca Raton, FL. In 2010, she was Store co-chair of the Convention in Portland. In May, 2012, she served as the Chairperson for Curriculum at the Maitri Southeast Conference in Washington, D.C.

During COVID 19 we are elated to still be with you during this time via ZOOM.

Joining Zoom classes with Suzie is very easy. Check the Schedule to choose your classes. After you register a private LINK will be sent to you.

If this is your first class, a few important points to note-
1. Having props (Brick, Belt, Chair, and Blanket) is compulsory. If you do not have, kindly write us back.
2. Please keep your phones on silence. Treat this as a usual class at Postures.
3. MUTE yourself on the Zoom call before the class begins, so that you can hear only Suzie speaking.
4. Kindly do not share the zoom link with others.


January 2022

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • Wednesday & Saturday Winter 2022
  • Wednesday & Saturday Winter 2022
The Summer I Schedule:
Monday 6:00pm
Wednesday 9:30am
Saturday 9:30am
This is a new schedule based on enrollment. Please email me with your class choices.
 Please send your tuition either through: 
Zelle, cashapp, venmo, googlepay
Contact Suzie directly to receive your Zoom link and tuition schedule.
Something new and special:
One of you has offered to subsidize 2 private classes a week until the end of this year for any ongoing Iyengar Yoga student (not presently taking privates) who has special needs: recovering from surgery or injury; whose schedule doesn’t fit with general classes. This will still be a Zoom class. 

As the days, weeks and months are pulled off the calendar, we all continue to wear masks, stay distant and take care of ourselves. To those who have joined me in my yoga practice, THANK YOU!! Thank you so much. You have kept me and the school afloat. As you know I stay in touch with yoga friends around the world. How much more isolated we would feel and be without Zoom and Facetime. Just imagine how things could have been if this virus had hit just 10 years back. Things will be very different when we finally do see each other in person. But for now, here I am getting out.

Thanks, Suzie

 What People Say


Postures is the ONLY Iyengar studio in Naples. Suzie is literally a teacher’s teacher. With over 40 years of teaching experience and probably a similar # trips to study directly with BKS at RIYMI... she skillfully educates and challenges her students in small, mixed classes ranging from beginners to other teachers. In addition, due to her relationships within the international Iyengar community... she’s able to bring world renown Senior Iyengar teachers, who would have no reason to come here otherwise... to her intimate yet beautifully well-equipped studio (Arun, John Schumacher, Joan White, etc.). Also... I think Suzie is one of the only, if not the only teacher senior enough to conduct Iyengar teacher training workshops in Florida. Having been lucky enough to walk to my Iyengar yoga classes with some of the best teachers in the country at the original Santa Monica YogaWorks since the early ‘90s... I was thrilled to discover a treasure such as Suzie in Naples.

C. Brown


I've known Suzie for many years and since I've moved to Florida, I've been able to attend her Iyengar Yoga teacher continuing education courses. She travels to Pune, India each year to study directly with the Iyengars to ensure she has the most recent information with which to inform our practice. Suzie provides the opportunity to learn new asanas and practice teaching while giving us all valuable feedback. Her compassion and dedication to her students comes directly from the heart.

Deborah D.


B.K.S. Iyengar said “If I can get you to be attentive for the next hour and a half I have done my job.” Suzie does her job! She is meditation in action. Suzie creates a learning environment filled with love and curiosity. A few years ago I had a painful back issue. Suzie always encouraged me to keep moving forward -- “try this,” “try that,” “let go here.” No backsliding (anavassthitattva). She helped me move past the physical and emotional issues that were holding me back. I always feel welcomed in her classes. We all continue to grow as human beings. I am grateful to be on this journey with my teacher and friend.

Stephanie R.

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